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Carlos M. Cruz

Policy Communications


Carlos Cruz has extensive policy communications and public relations experience. Carlos served as a legislative assistant for the pro-tempore of the Florida Senate. His years of service enabled Carlos to become well versed on a variety of local, state and national policy issues. Following his tenure in the Florida Senate, Carlos served as executive assistant to a member of Florida’s elected Cabinet. As the youngest member of the Commissioner of Agriculture’s executive staff, Carlos enabled the department to communicate Florida’s agricultural importance in the new developing arenas of Latin America and other Caribbean nations. Carlos has close relationships with legislators and staff as a former staffer in both the legislative and executive branches of Florida government.


Carlos worked for various law firms creating and managing their state governmental and policy communications practice teams. Carlos has earned a reputation of being an informed advocate that creates consistent solutions for his strong client base. Carlos’ ability to work with public opinion leaders and policy makers has created a relational synergy that produces favorable outcomes.


Candidates and policy makers rely on Carlos’ experience for advice on politics, public relations campaigns and policy trends. Carlos is an accomplished speaker and is frequently invited to educate executives and future policy makers on the process of government relations and policy communications.


In addition to his government affairs practice, Carlos has evolved as a crisis management consultant and assists clients and their public relations teams with message development and corporate communications with an emphasis in Hispanic markets.


Email: ccruz@hispanicnexo.com

Follow Carlos on twitter: @cmcruz