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The Codella girls presenting their App projects.

                In the span of a few years, Codella has made an impressive impact on the Hispanic community. This program is the first of its kind in the entire nation. It consists of an 8-week Tech Entrepreneurship and Coding Immersion Program for underprivileged Latina girls ages 8 to 12. The program teaches the girls subjects they do not learn at school for instance Computer Science, Coding, and Digital Literacy. Although that may not sound fun the team does a fantastic job of creating a fun environment for such difficult subjects and skills. In such a “tech” driven society it is important to not only use technology but also understand how it works.

                The majority of these Latina girls live in households under the federal poverty level. Unfortunately, they cannot receive the same education that other more privileged students receive. Thankfully Codella constantly works on helping these girls grow into globally competitive students and future professionals. The many interns and teachers work together to teach the girls how to code and think innovatively through their summer and after-school program.

                 It was impressive to see all their hard work in person. At such a young age, the girls worked together to make an app that would help the community in some way. Each of them would have a role, for example the artist who draws up the app or the person in charge of the coding and designing of the app. They created an app that would help girls who were being bullied as well as an app to protect the wild life around us. From start to finish they created their very own app from coding to explaining why they did what they did in each step. Each year the Codella team seems to to step it up and work harder to make sure these young Latina girls are prepared for what the future brings.

You can learn more about Codella on their website: www.codella.org

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